"Some days I see colors everywhere, some days, I only see shadows... Never mind,  I will just paint them"


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I am a French artist who was born in Normandy. I have lived in different parts of France, have met all kinds of people and worked in many different areas.
Rich, intense experiences in personal life have made me who I am today.
My inspiration comes from everywhere... the everyday life or all the beauty around us, the actuality, dramas... everything that touches me in a positive or negative way will have to be laid on a canvas at some point.

Bio :
When I was little, and started experimenting with other media later at drawing courses at school.
Ink, paint, figurative or abstract art, creation of all sorts, working on perspective, or geometric works, I was in love with all of this!
As a young adult I started using pastels, creating landscapes and trying to copy some Monet or Pissaro paintings. Next drawing people, nature and practicing caricature.

I am so happy when a work I create travels to the other side of the street or to another continent. Art has no frontiers and connects people together, everywhere!

SIREN : 752 889 733
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